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Leadership Program

To be effective within organizations, leaders must have a strong understanding of the unique leadership and management issues they face. This perspective, together with the ability to effectively handle complex roles, responsibilities and challenges is critical to their success as a leader.

Our Customized Physician Leadership Program is designed to train healthcare organization’s current leaders, as well as upcoming leaders, in the competencies critical to directing the provision of High-Quality Care in today’s dynamic medical environment. Our program presents an opportunity for organizations to equip their Leaders with a well-defined set of Leadership Skills, Knowledge and Tools. This expertise equips leaders to approach their current role in HEALTHCARE with a renewed sense of Commitment, Expertise and Confidence. The benefit of this offering being available is that it is a SECURE ONLINE program, delivered via Indelta’s INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CLASSROOM; acknowledged by Indelta as a necessity by virtue of the significantly more intense time constraints placed on modern-day physicians.

A unique and interactive event that will transform your organization.

‘Capstone Event’ with a nationally recognized speaker to bring a national perspective to the leadership challenges faced by today’s Physician Leaders.

Baseline Assessment to determine current state of leadership capabilities with reference to Knowledge, Skills and Behaviors. This on-line assessment is customized to include capabilities unique to each organization’s strategic objectives and mission/vision priorities

Learning and Development Modules led by industry experts on the following topics: Healthcare Finance and Accounting, Quality/Continuous Improvement, General Management, Healthcare Law and Medical Marketing.

Individual Coaching available ‘one-on-one’ to support the unique development needs of each individual participant, as determined by the Baseline Assessment, unique leadership challenges and specific role in the organization.


Customized programs designed to meet each organization’s strategic priorities

Exposure to a Network of well-respected education suppliers from Professors to Subject Matter Experts

Variety of learning experiences, specifically, on-line Learning, on the job activities, and self-paced resources

Flexible delivery CUSTOMIZED to the organization and the physician’s time and schedule demands

Assurance that all participating physicians in organizations receive consistent leadership training


Indelta International helps clients successfully deploy the CRM approach.

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We are a full service business development group – we build strategies and systems.

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Checklists provide a backup to human memory during routine and emergency procedures.

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