March, 2023

Message from the President

I am pleased to announce the opening of the new Flynaut/Indelta facility in India. This office expands the reach and depth of training and sales for both companies and adds to our presence in the U.S., Australia, the UK and Dubai. We also still maintain an office in Hong Kong, which enables us to bid for jobs in that important center.

August, 2022 

Message from the President

With the pandemic officially “over”, I wanted to remind everyone of where we were as we relaunched in 2019, and that Covid hit immediately after launching. This is the presentation with videos of some of our key players committing to Indelta. We lost many opportunities during this ban on travel world-wide, but now are ready to try yet again. 

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May, 2022 


We are pleased to announce that we just finalized Indelta International’s first new contract for quite some time, due mainly to the pandemic. This contract is the result of the ongoing work of the Indelta staff in adapting to the “New Normal” in the U.S. and the rest of the world. 

Programs covered by this contract will be delivered in at least three countries where our international client, Flynaut, has a presence.

While small in terms of revenue, this is a multi-year contract with scope for increasing revenue in the future. 

March, 2022 


While these past years have seen courses Indelta had with the Healthcare and Energy industries absorbed into those companies ‘In-House’ training to save funds; your company has added another industry to its suite of programs.


AGED CARE, which has seen Government scrutiny of this troubled industry in certain countries, to the level of Royal Commissions.


‘Damning Findings’ encouraged Indelta to undertake comprehensive research in relation to the requirements needed to be approved a ‘Provider of Services’ to this industry.


Governments in Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom were horrified at the evidence which showed numerous aspects of negligent care; leading in some cases to unnecessary abuse, ill health and premature death.


Those countries introduced reforms and funding to enable such reforms to be implemented; in order to improve all aspects relating to the care of our most vulnerable citizens, those very individuals who gave us life.


Indelta’s many years of experience and reputation as a ‘Leading Provider’ of Healthcare Programs, gives your company the ‘Aged Care Principles and Quality Standards’ required to be appointed as a ‘Formal Provider’ to this industry.


The past 18 months has seen Indelta Staff work on the research and preparation required to enable Indelta to being close to completing ‘Formal Applications’ for acceptance as a ‘Provider of Services’ to this industry.


Updates will be published on your website in the near future.

August 27, 2021 

Update from Rick Popovic, President, Indelta International

Indelta International is pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of building an alliance to provide Aged Care triage and training in Australia and the U.S. We are working with an experienced team in this field and will use the Indelta International Learning Platform for delivery. Details will follow once all licensing and approvals are finalized.

In addition, we are currently consulting with two U.S. companies to use and enhance our platform and to provide content for their offerings worldwide.

December 7, 2020 

Last week we announced a new focus for Indelta International; Military-based Leadership Training. We also announced that Todd Popovic would be the director for this venture. Unfortunately, that position created a potential conflict of interest with the United States Air Force. Therefore, Todd will not be acting in that role, at least until he retires next year. In the interim, we will source other experts in this field and announce those connections when they happen.

September 5, 2020 

The Indelta staff in the U.S., UK and Australia wish Indelta’s Strategic Management Consultant, Clark Keating’s wife, Catherine, a HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY for Saturday, 5th September. Catherine, your Special Day is being toasted from all corners of the world!

July 27,2020 

I am continuously asked if there is still a problem with preventable medical errors in the U.S. It saddens me that the current issue (August, 2020) of OR Today magazine has a three-page article dedicated to talking about the problem. It sounds exactly like our marketing material used in 2004!! The recommendations they made are to emulate the aviation industry, use checklists and concentrate on communication. Any one having doubts about the need for Indelta should read this article.We have the solution!

July 22,2020 

Indelta International and Venia Consulting are pleased to announce that we completed the second engagement with Genesee Regional Bank in Rochester, NY today. This session was the last of the first phase of offerings with the bank. For Indelta, this is a return into consulting/coaching, but in a new industry for us.  Consulting/coaching had been an important part of our Healthcare offerings since the beginning.

July 21,2020 

Indelta International and Venia Consulting are pleased to announce that we completed the first engagement with Genesee Regional Bank in Rochester, NY today. This is the first in a series of hybrid live and on-line training and coaching sessions with the bank presented by the two companies.

May 11,2020 

Indelta International is pleased to announce that Dr. I. Michael Vella has joined our team as Medical Advisor and Trainer. To see Dr. Vella’s bio please look under About Indelta.
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May 4,2020 

Indelta International is pleased to announce our new partnership with Venia Consulting. Venia helps expand our offerings and we add market segments for Venia. In related news, John Polidori, Founder of Venia will serve as an Executive Partner and Instructor for Indelta International.

April 13, 2020 

Indelta has recently enhanced our proprietary International Classroom learning platform to better meet the needs of the education and medical communities during the COVID-19 crisis. We are not only offering our platform to those organizations having difficulty with teaching and training, but are also able to offer an alternative tele-medicine platform for the tens of thousands of independent physicians who don’t have access to the major providers.

April 09, 2020 

Indelta is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Flynaut, a digital marketing, design and consulting company based in Charlotte, NC, very near our U.S. office. We will be providing Flynaut with our platform and networking connections and they offer not only IT design and support, but also networking in Dubai and India, two areas that we are currently working to enter.

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